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The House Basketball Club

THE HOUSE BASKETBALL CLUB is quickly becoming one of the premier organizations in eastern Connecticut. -THE HOUSE offers high level coaches that have coached at nearly every level; our players receive tremendous instruction and competition. -It is our mission to provide a comprehensive basketball program for our student-athletes. -We strive to improve each athlete's skill level, character and basketball IQ. -Our coaches will focus on teaching technique, skills and fundamentals; combined with the appropriate level of playing experience, this will foster success in the future. -Higher level (national) teams will prepare athletes to play at the highest level possible through expanding skills and furthering knowledge; our understanding of the recruiting process will help athletes in their endeavors to play at the next level. -Our developmental teams (local/regional) will offer a fantastic team experience with traditional team practices that emphasize skill development, but will also provide opportunities to compete and become a stronger player.



-Quickly becoming the top developmental organization at youth level in Eastern Connecticut. -Development opportunities - skills clinics, summer camps and boot camps for all of our players throughout the year. -Coming soon - Strength and conditioning programming. -Our coaching staff is amazing and includes strong male and female role models and mentors. -THE HOUSE is the only program in Eastern Connecticut with OUR OWN FACILITY!!


The Spring season will start around the third week of March and run through the third week of June for local and regional teams; this may change depending on the makeup of the team and the dates of the tournaments selected.  Our national teams will run until late July, determined by the dates of the "Live Period" windows for the NCAA.  The Fall season typically starts around the second week of September and ends for everyone around the first or second week of November.


Today's student-athletes tend to have other extra-curricular commitments. We are flexible with players who are playing multiple sports and involved in other activities. Coaches deal with conflicts on a case-by-case basis, though we are less flexible as players move up the ranks and for our stronger regional and national teams. Two practices per week in the spring and one per week in the fall is the expectation.  We also offer extra skill sessions at no additional cost.


-Teams will usually play five to seven tournaments in the spring and two to three in the fall. Strong regional teams and national level teams may play as many as nine tournaments. -Tournaments generally consist of four games with two on Saturday and two on Sunday.  During any Live Period event the schedules could be much different and can extend beyond Saturday and Sunday. Tournament schedules are tailored to the team age and strength to ensure good matchups, to help ensure that we participate in well organized events and to provide good college recruiting opportunities for our older teams. The team fees are adjusted accordingly.   -An opportunity to attend an AAU National event is an important life experience for a student-athlete and has a significant impact on their growth and development. We understand the financial impact to our member families and we strive to make sure there is value in having the athlete attend the event.


Generally, practices start in mid March or early April following the school seasons. Practices usually occur twice per week and will be held at THE HOOP HOUSE, unless there is a gym that is more convenient to the geographical locations of the athletes on the team.  Practices will be ‘open’ to parents, but this may change depending on a number of circumstances.


-Participation fees are based on facility costs, tournament fees, coaches stipends/travel and other factors involved in running a team. -The TRAILBLAZER developmental teams are our most cost-effective programs. Contact John or Doug for more information on this in-house program. -Travel teams range between $850–$950 for a spring program that begins in March and can run through July including the uniform but excluding travel. -Once committed to a team, a deposit will be required which is non-refundable. The amount covers practice costs, tournament registration fees and a stipend/travel expenses for your coach, wherever applicable.  -A non-refundable deposit of $250.00  is expected by the stated due date on the team invitation email. Payment can also be made in full. -Payments can be broken down into installments over several months. Payment dates and amounts will be included in the team invitation email. Final payment will be due during the first month of the season. -Regional and national team players can expect to pay more due to travel and higher cost of Live Period tournaments.   2024 Fees:   Grade 5 - $850 Grade 6 - $850 Grade 7 - $900 Grade 8 - $900 Grade 9 - $950 Grade 10 - $950 Grade 11 - $950


To ensure proper management of the program, tuition payments must be paid in a timely manner. Please refrain from sending payments in with players as they easily get misplaced. Accounts not kept current may be subject to a late fee or your child not being able to participate in games or practices. Tuition that is two months behind will result in suspension from the program. Players may return after the account is paid. All tuition must be paid according to the payment terms noted in the program description at the time of registration in order to participate. All returned checks will be automatically re-deposited and subject to a $25 service charge. All payments are non-refundable. Please communicate with the Program Director any special circumstances regarding fees and payments.


-“Non-Refundable Payments” -All players will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit payment upon registering for the season. This amount is non-refundable under any circumstance and will not be converted into a credit. If this amount was paid using a credit on file, the credit will not be re-applied to the account under any circumstances. -In the event that a portion of the season has been canceled by the program due to COVID-19, we will prorate payments on a weekly basis, less the non-refundable payment. -Players are responsible to pay their season fees as scheduled, refunds/credits will not be applied if a player voluntarily leaves the team or program. The final balance is expected on the due date provided in the team information emails sent at the beginning of the season.  -Tryout registration fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.


There are no hard and fast rules, but it is more equitable for developmental and evolves by age as playing is more balanced for the 5th grade team than 8th grade teams. It also varies by team, tournament, and game.


For injuries that are sustained during the season, we provide a prorated credit for any future programming offered less the season non-refundable payment. Athletes must provide appropriate medical documentation. Payment in full is expected for injured players  to cover the team's expenses for that season.  A prorated credit will be discussed for the next season as a result. Credits are good for one year from the time of request. *For a player that has suffered an injury prior to the start of the season, we will refund all fees less the non-refundable payment which will be held as a credit towards any future programming.

Thank You


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